What We Can Do For You

We can help you with your Ebook

1. We can take your copy and turn it into an attractive and well designed and formatted Ebook.
$1.00 per page, if you need  front and back cover design add $50.00

2. No copy? We can write your Ebook for you. Simply tell us the subject you want. We add photos, artwork, ads for your business, links to your website, contact info. 
$2.00 per page, if you need  front and back cover design add $50.00

Check our ready made Ebooks, they are $50.00 each, we will add your name as author, contact info and bio free. After purchasing this Ebook Becomes yours we do not resell. If you want to add ads they are $2.00 additional fee for each ad. 

‚ÄčWhy Giving Away FREE Ebooks Can Create A Viral Marketing Explosion

Using Ebooks as a FREE give away, or bonus offer, can cause a viral marketing affect that can be a powerful part of your SEO Internet Marketing campaign.

There are many places online to list your ebooks for free like ebook distribution websites as well as giving them away as a free bonus gift for signing up for your newsletter.

Be sure to include your website address, link to your website and even list a small ad on every ebook page. Leave contact information like an email address, business phone number or whatever other information you want to supply in order to receive leads from your ebooks.

One simple  ebook can generate a viral marketing affect that has a long lasting return in traffic to your website. As the ebook spreads across the internet it creates valued buzz marketing that can get your brand tremendous visibility.

You can also submit your ebook to FREE ebook sites .  Imagine the impact to your traffic by using these distribution sites to promote and pass on your ebooks in their directories.

Build your brand through ebooks and build a professional label for your business. Go one step further and sell your ebooks yourself for another income stream and at the same time producing Internet Marketing for your website that could spread like wild fire.

Start writing your instruction books, tutorials, how to, stories, or what ever and open up a new Internet Marketing avenue.

A few snap shots of the inside and front and back covers of our clients Ebooks

Lets get started!    Email: susan@gmail.com or call Susan    417.712.4066 

Susan Shipwash