Book, ebooks & Cover or a Ready Made ebook

The Complete Workbook

49 pages

Packed full with links and job sites and how to get a job


Ready Made eBooks

This book to your left was created for our client, he has his name on the front

cover and bio and contact info on the back cover. We designed the covers,

and designed the inside of the ebooks. We also added the content inside.

He is selling his book.

Pick your subject and we can do the same for you. Sell your ebook also, or give it to your clients. Tell us your subject, how many pages you want, send us your photo, bio, and logo.

Let us Design your book or ebook for you!

If you have a journal, manuscript, report, or document you would like to make either a book or eBook we can help. Simply send us the copy and we will design both the style of the book/eBook including a cover for you. We accept both hard copies and handwritten copy.The Common E book Format is the PDF format because it can be read on any platform. Most all computers come with Adobe Acrobat Reader which allows allows all the ability to read a PDF format. Get a Cover for your eBook, your cover is important also, that is what attracts a potential client or buyer to your book.

Let us design and format your book, ebook, and cover. We provide you with PDF and Microsoft formats. We charge $95.00 for ebooks up to 50 pages ($.95 for each additional page)  - and we design your front and back cover for $50.00.

                                                                            Ready Made eBooks for Purchase. 

​                                                                            Make it your own! 

                                                                           We do not sell your design again, its yours.

                                                                                    After your purchase send us bio, logo, and contact                                                                                         information. We will add to your back cover. You will                                                                                       receive both PowerPoint file and PDF. You will be able                                                                                     to make changes to your eBook. 


​           Executive Selection for $5.95  

                            11 pages