8 hours Block of time  $120.00

Blocks of Time

Some of our client cannot afford to use our services all the time. So they buy blocks of time. 

One client wants us to add his articles to his website each week, so he buys 4 weeks for an hour a week.

We have had other clients who don't know us and want to try us first.

We have had other clients that need another employee but cannot afford part  time or full time so they use us 

So, pay for your block of time and tell us what you want done.

3 hours $36.00

5 hours Block of time  $75.00

15 hours $180.00

25 hours $300.00

9 hours $108.00

Lets get started!    Email: susan@gmail.com or call Susan    417.712.4066 

12  hours Block of time  $180.00

6 hours $72.00

 3 hours Block of time  $45.00

Susan Shipwash