Why you need an Answering Service?

The integral role played by the telephone as a business communication tool accounts for the growing importance of answering service businesses. All businesses, whether a physician’s private practice, a small construction company, or a conglomerate, rely on the telephone as one of the fastest and most reliable communication tool in their businesses.

Anyone with a busy schedule and a telephone needs an answering service! Answering service can be a real lifesaver to a small business. Many small businesses have neither the time nor the means to take incoming calls during business hours when they are out on jobs — yet those calls represent the very lifeblood of their business! They cannot afford an office; much less a secretary, but they certainly need those phone calls. Unless they can find a reliable and affordable answering service, they will probably have to do without (or ask people to call them only after 7 PM) or use an answering machine (which has a whole set of disadvantages).

Yes, you indeed can use an answering machine but the fact is that people really do not like to talk to machines, if they are unable to reach a human voice easily, they will go somewhere else its a lost business opportunity.

Fortunately, employers are recognizing this problem and solving it by contracting people to answer the phones when they cannot do it themselves. That personal touch you can offer can mean the difference in obtaining or keeping a client. Hiring a professional answering service business assures that you can take messages, deliver specific messages to callers, provide basic information, clarify the intent of calls and even arrange meetings with customers.

Its always in the best interest of small companies to hire an answering service provider to work for the company during the extended business workday, say from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM or may be even for the rest of the day if your business needs it. Now it doesnt costs an arm or a leg to hire an
answering service. Generally, in a competitive market you can get it for as cheap as $30-$50 per month on the lowest slab! So go and hire an answering service provider so that you never lose that customer again.

Answering Service – A Must Have For Your Online Business

Every day you miss calls from customers who need your products or services. But now you can get rid of all these problems, your call will be answered by a live answering service with your company name. Representatives at answering services will provide you services like answering phone service, answering message service or even enter data into your web form.

But finding an answering service company is not easy, after all you are going to trust one of your assets i.e. your customer or prospects or clients or patient to a third party about whom you know a very little. Hence, it is very important to choose a perfect answering service suitable for your business. 

If you are serious about growing your business and providing superior customer service, you need a solution that provides 24/7 answering services with live operators that handle every call correctly and professionally. Some big companies are available for you to assist you in the regard. These service providers not only serve you with answering phone services, they also assist you with other services like answering message service, pager, voice mail, PDA, live operator and even via web portal to fit your schedules and needs.

People at answering services are consultant. They recommend right products and services to help you accomplish your goals. These answering services are working from the 1980s and developing cost effective, customized answering services to meet your specific objectives.

What We Can Do

We can answer your calls during normal business hours.

We can answer calls after hours, weekend, holiday, and overflow coverage.
Your call will b answered by a Live operator 
We assign you a phone number with your personalized greeting.

We take your messages

We send you daily updates with calls and call information, messages are delivered immediately

What Does It Cost

On call 20 hours plus personalized phone number $240.00      20 hours you forward your number to ours $150.00 

​On call 30 hours plus personalized phone number $360.00      30 hours you forward your number to ours $280.00 

On call 20 hours you forward your number to ours $180.00 

O​n call 40 hours plus personalized phone number $480.00     40 hours you forward your number to ours $390.00

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