Because we offer low rates and provide a fast turnaround we have implemented the following payment terms.

Payments for Project Services:

Because of our low rates payment is due upon receipt of work
You will receive PROOF copies of your project - allowing you the ability to request changes and make corrections. After approval of PROOF copies - you will be required to make payment. After payment your project will be released.

Payments for Website Design:
1/4 down payment
Remainder due upon completion of website.
You will be able to view, navigate and make changes and corrections prior to final payment on our TEST site - after payment - your website will be made LIVE to your domain name. Routine updates are provided FREE.

Payment Processor:

We use PAYPAL as our payment processor - you will make payments to

You will receive a invoice from PayPal-simply click and pay. You are not required to have a PayPal account to make payments.