Marketing your business or service is vital in building your client/customer database. Here are a few ways you can market. Let us help you.

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Social Media Marketing
Use social media tools such as Facebook (750+million users), LinkedIn (150+ million users) and Twitter (200= million users). These websites are one of the best methods to increase your brand visibility. Millions of people today are using social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter.


Write a ebook on a particular subject and offer it FREE include coupons and links back to your website. Post it on FREE ebooks sites.

Offer a FREE Workshop

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to deliver during your workshop promoting your business, service or product. Hand out your brochures and business cards.

Ezine Marketing
Ezine marketing has also been generally accepted by online marketers as another way of enhancing web presence for purposes of converting readership into sales.

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Ezine Marketing Articles
Offline Marketing
The benefits of traditional marketing cannot be overlooked in our digital age. Many companies are reaping the benefits of combining online and offline marketing techniques. For example, you can use direct mail or local advertising to drive potential customers to your site. This is a great and proven combination that results in increased traffic and better conversions.You can actually save money on print campaigns by relying on your website to do the actual selling while the print ad can function as a pointer. You'll save money using less words while building brand awareness.


   •  Printed
   •  Electronic
   •  Articles

Web Site
   •  Business cards
   •  Brochures
   •  Letterhead and envelopes
   •  Welcome packet for new clients


   • Banner ads on Web sites
   • Calendars

Direct Mail

   •  Postcards
   •  Personal letters
   •  Special offers
   •  Announce changes
   •  We've moved
   •  New services
   •  New products
   •  New certification
   •  New Web site

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising on the planet. The best word of mouth comes from satisfied customers. Start small by combining a special promotion that will run both in print and online avenues at the same time. You can keep track of the success of each method by using coupon codes to see which form suits your company the best. Email a questionnaire, such as "How are we doing?", "What Do You Think?", What Service Would You Like to See?"

Offer a Free Product or Consultation
On your website - or through your email blast
example: how-to-tutorials, complementary offer or consultation.
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Chapter 5: Creating Your Offer

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Chapter 7: Ready, Set, Launch!

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