Books, ebooks, workbooks and Covers
Writing an ebook, book or putting together a workbook will have a major impact on your success. It may be for financial gain, promoting a business, advancing your career, education, self satisfaction or something entirely different.

Let us Design your book, ebook or workbook for you! If you have a journal, manuscript, report, or document you would like to make either a book or ebook we can help. Simply send us the copy and we will design both the style of the book/ebook/workbook including a cover for you. We accept both hard copies and handwritten copy.Your cover is important also - that is what attracts a potential client or buyer to your book - we offer a FREE cover. We charge  $3.00 a page.

Flyers, brochures, and Ads

Flyers, brochures and ads can be used as an inexpensive and easy tool for effective advertising. You send us your content, we create and design the document for you. If you are not sure of what content you would like to use, we can do that also.We use Microsoft Word, and provide your document in MS Word and PDF. We also have MS Publisher and other software packages available. Just tell us what you prefer.
Flyers 1 8.5. X 11 page $55.00
Brochure $75.00
Ads $25.00


Newsletters may be the no-frills end of publishing, but when publishers want to send a message to a targeted audience, newsletters do a first-rate job. Writers who learn how to harness the targeted power of newsletters can reap untold benefits.
2 page newsletter $75.00